2011 Powerpack install trouble
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Rick Kunath
2011-11-18 04:23:24 UTC
Having installed so many Mandriva releases over the years, this one has me

I have had other distros and Cooker in the partition I am installing 2011
PowewrPack into (on a second drive). I'll install everything into / and the
bootloader there and then chain to the bootloader from XOSL on the first hard
drive. 2010.2 is there and so were a lot of other Mandriva releases over the

I did the install initially as a ReiserFS but GRUB errored out with an error
16. Followed that by an EXT4 install and GRUb errored out with just GRUB.

What's up with GRUB? It's got to be broken. I always install everything into /
because of keeping separate distro releases on the box and never had any
trouble placing the bootloader into the root sector of the boot partition,
this is the / root. I've been using these 2 partitions to keep the current and
last release in for years.

Is GRUB broken somehow on the PowerPack release?

The other thing I saw was that the network setup portion of the installer
refuses to accept an IP address if you try to set it up static. I was going to
leave it at dynamic and fix it later, but it won't boot.

This is about as disappointed as I have ever been with any Mandriva release. I
wasted an entire evening so far. And honestly, I can't remember ever having a
Mandriva installer fail before.

Of course, the MD5 sum of the download and the CD are OK. Checked that first.
Oddly, the Mandriva installer used to check that for you too, but I see this
new installer never offers.

Any ideas as to what is wrong with the 2011 PowerPack installer?

Rick Kunath